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About Whole-Body-Control

Special issues and TC-related publications in IEEE RAS journals:

Special Issue on
Whole-Body Control for Robots in the Real World,
in International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, 13(1), 2016
Guest Editors: F. Moro, M. Gienger, A. Goswami, O. Khatib, E. Yoshida

Special Issue on
Whole Body Control of Contacts and Dynamics for Humanoid Robots,
in Autonomous Robots, 40(3), 2016
Guest Editors: S. Ivaldi, J. Babic, M. Mistry, R. Murphy

Special Issue on
Multimodal Robot Control
in Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2017
Guest Editors: A. Cherubini, Y. Mezouar, D. Navarro-Alarcon, J.A. Corrales-Ramon
Part in Humanoid Robotics: A Reference (2019)
Title: “Part X: Humanoid Sensing, Actuation, and Intelligence”, pp. 2437-2594
Part-Editor: J. Park
Editors: A. Goswami and P. Vadakkepat


Support and organization of conference workshops and schools:

Conference Workshops and Major Events
Year Type Location Title
2020 Workshop ICRA Towards Real-World Deployment of Legged Robots
2019 Workshop ICRA Continuous management and scheduling of multiple simultaneous prioritized tasks for redundant robots
2019 Workshop ICRA Towards Real-World Deployment of Legged Robots
2019 Workshop ICRA

Toward Online Optimal Control of Dynamic Robots: From Algorithmic Advances to Field Applications

2018 Workshop IROS Humanoid Robot Falling: Fall Detection, Damage Prevention, and Recovery Actions
2018 Workshop ICRA Cognitive Whole-Body Control for Compliant Robot Manipulation
2018 Workshop ICRA

Dynamic Legged Locomotion in Realistic Terrains: Algorithmic and Physical Performance Advancements and Challenges

2018 Winter School Genoa, Italy International Winter School on Humanoid Robot Programming
2017 Workshop Humanoids

Locomotion and Manipulation: Unifying Solutions Across Aerial and Terrestrial Regimes

2017 Workshop ICRA

Robust Perception, Planning, and Control for Legged Robot Locomotion in Challenging Domains

2016 Workshop IROS

The Mechatronics behind Force/Torque Controlled Robot Actuation: Secrets & Challenges

2016 Workshop IROS

Towards a Unified Workflow for Multi­contact Motion on Legged Robots: Challenges in Planning, Optimization and Control

2016 Workshop IROS

See, Touch and Hear: 2nd Workshop on Multimodal Sensor-based Robot Control for HRI and Soft Manipulation

2016 Workshop ICRA

Legged Robot Falling: Fall Detection, Damage Prevention, and Recovering Actions

2016 Workshop ICRA

Robust Optimization-Based Planning and Control for Legged Robots